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 “If one takes shelter of Vrindavan under Vrindavaneswari (Srimati Radharani), certainly all the problems of life are solved very easily”  

– Srila Prabhupada (Srimad Bhagavatam 4.8.24)




Beautiful apartments in “Prabhupada Ashram” at VRINDAVAN for lease/sale, designed and built by devotees with South Indian Restaurant, Beautiful Temple, Transport, Security etc., very close to ISKCON temple, a walkable distance, opppsite Nandanvan, Ramanreti, next to Kripalu Maharaj’s Mega Temple-project.

Prabhupada Ashram is away from the hustle & bustle and noise pollution in Vrindavan. It is ready to move-in. We offer special discount and special care for senior members. Only limited apartments are available. Please hurry to book your Apartment and do not regret later when it is too late for you to lease/own an exquisite apartment.

The developers have taken extreme care with respect to the quality of the construction and have ensured that only the best of the materials are used. If you are searching for a peaceful location for settling down in the Holy Dham of Vrindavan, Prabhupada Ashram is the answer to all your quests.

Please contact:

Syamasundara Das

(Promotor, Developer and Architect)

(Mobile: +91 87551 25509, email: prabhupadaashram@gmail.com or sundaradas@hotmail.com)